Stream & Steam

Signature Scallops

Fern Leaf Salad with Grilled Prawns

Mango salad with Softshell Crab

Deep Fried Loh Mai Kai

Beef Kut Teh

Curry Spaghettini with Salmon

Nasi Addict

Black Fried Rice

Angus Beef Rendang

Beef Brisket & Tendon Stew

Crispy Lemon-Orange Butter Chicken

Poppy Seed Flat Bread

Duck with Plum Sauce

The Opium Burger

Cheesy Banana Fritters

Shanghai Pancake

Panna Cotta

Opium Ice Glass

Fire Spirit

Fire Spirit

Wind Spirit

Black Dragon

Consort Yang

Zhu Ba Jie

Empress Dowager

5 Spiced Mojito

Asam Laksa

Signature Dishes
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